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AFROTC Det 670 Drill & Ceremonies
Road Guard Procedures
Basic Drill
Basic Drill cont.

D&C Commander:  C/Capt Johnson
Honor Guard Commander:  C/3C Laasch

Drill Enhancement:  Tue - 1830-1930 @ the Detachment

Why attend Drill Enhancement?   Drill Enhancement is a great way to better your skills in marching and bearing.  It is not just practice time for the AS-100 cadets either!!!  Drill Enhancement is also a good time for the FTP cadets to brush up on IDEs for FT.

Honor Guard Practice: 

Why do Honor Guards?  Being on Honor Guard is very rewarding and a great way to represent the Detachment, AFROTC, and the Air Force.  The Honor Guard is precise in drill & ceremonies and is a team that takes great pride in what they do.

Contact Cadet Laasch for any questions about Honor Guard at:

Contact Cadet Johnson for any questions concerning Drill & Ceremonies at:



Drill Enhancement Agenda:  Week of 5 Sep 06
Sunday:  TBA    
Basic drill - Facing movements, marching/halting in a straight line   
Enhanced Drill - ?